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Hopes for the new gaming year


Among gamers as with everybody else there are many wishes floating around for the future. Now when 2012 is coming to an end I take the chance to pin down some wishes I have for the immediate future of video games.

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Remember Me – a cool game coming up!

Remember Me - Paris

Remember Me is a game set in the future, where memories and brain-implants are for sale. Based on what little I know this far the game seems to be a beautiful mix of Mirror’s Edge, Watch Dogs, and Enslaved and perhaps some pieces from the movies Total Recall and Strange Days.

All of the above titles are all highly ranked by me (still haven’t played Watch Dogs, but I am very much looking forward to it; when talking about Total Recall I refer to the original movie) so I am really looking forward for this title. Some of you might think there have been quite many sci-fi/parkour/cyborg-related games recently, but if you compare to most other themes tried in games I don’t think it is exactly overflowing with good games in this category.

In Remember Me you play as a woman who moves around in a futuristic Paris (and perhaps other locations), trying to stop the over-usage of implants. Resembling Mirror’s Edge and some Enslaved the protagonist moves around rooftops, walls and numerous other obstacles quite easy; but she also seems to pack a hefty punch and swirling kicks. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that they keep the parkour and movement parts really hard, similar as Mirror’s Edge. I really liked that game, where you had to time your jump perfectly to avoid a plunge to death, and I am looking forward to do it again! Recently most platform games have been too easy, at least on the jumping side. Enslaved was a great game, but one part where it lacked in difficulty was its platform parts, since those parts were more or less just about pressing jump and forward without almost any timing required.

Remember Me - Climbing walls

I have high hopes that the platform jumping and “parkour” parts of the game will resemble and match Mirror’s Edge style and difficulty.

Remember Me is on my most wanted 2013 list, together with Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Watch Dogs. Since Mirror’s Edge 2 is no-where to be seen I am hoping for Remember Me; although I still want a Mirror’s Edge 2! When more is known about Remember Me, I will surely write up some more in-depth texts for you.

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On the horizon

Expecting, dreaming, hoping, craving! Here are some of the interesting titles on my horizon, which are your ones?

Mirror’s Edge 2
This is a clear top position among the looking-forward-to titles. The first game was an extremely fresh and speed loving game, with a daring approach to difficulty and an optional non violent play style. The graphical presentation was amazing in a special way with distinct colors, which gave the urban game world a very special atmosphere. A sequel was first planned, and then cancelled, but recently the sequel idea has been resurrected and it will use the same graphical engine as coming shooter game Battlefield 3. Not much more is known about the game, but expect more information to come as soon as Battlefield 3 is released.

Dark Souls
Presented as a dark and extremely difficult action, sword wielding game, this is a title to look out for. Playing a lone knight pitched against hordes of evil creatures, it sounds like a quite typical game, but the presentation and play style looks extremely promising. One interesting part is where you can leave notes and messages to other players about upcoming challenges and such, in the game. The high difficulty level promised in the game is also refreshing. I hope to report more about this game, when I get my hands on it at the Eurogamer Expo in London later this month.

Dark Souls looks extremely promising; dark, hard and unforgiving

Retro City Rampage
Ever since hearing about this game at Gamecity Nights in Nottingham I have been looking forward to it. The presentation of the game is as if Grand Theft Auto (the first one) have been converted to a Nintendo 8-bit game, with a large piece of irony and humor added, mixing the best from the 8-bit era and highs (and lows?) from today’s games. It seems like a release could be coming shortly, but since nothing is confirmed, it can also be a bit away. Whenever it is released, I’m quite sure it will be a funny retro ride, full of references to other games, other media and different periods in gaming history.

Retro City Rampage will be a retro experience with a lot of humor

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
As always with Zelda games, the expectations for this game are sky high. The first glimpses of the game made some people hesitate a bit (including me), but recent information and new gameplay videos that has been released have reassured us that it looks like Nintendo has something good going on again. Most Zelda games have a theme for the game play or the game world, e.g. time travel in Ocarina of Time or travel between the dark and light world in A Link to the Past; this time around the theme is flying. Hopefully there will be less “dead time” spent on traveling; traveling made Wind Waker a bit boring at times, when you had to sail over oceans to reach your destination. This game will come out in November this year.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will hopefully be as good as most other Zelda games

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