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Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Fear is a hard feeling to capture and induce. Some people will wonder why someone would like to induce such “terrible” feelings as fear, horror and despair. Many games have tried but few have succeeded; I even wrote an article about the lack of real horror in most games of today, some of which actually say they are horror games but are far from living up to that statement. After writing that article I found out about Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but haven’t gotten time to play it until now. Read about the horrific experience!

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Please make me shiver, laugh or cry – part 1

Why is it so hard to find games that are funny, scary or emotional in the true meaning of the words? When talking about emotions and reactions evoked by games, there are some emotions that are triggered in exaggeration. Stress, anger, happiness and amazement are some of the more common feelings we experience as gamers, but when it comes to feeling real fear or horror the selection of games is scarcer. That scarcity is also a fact for games that make you feel really emotional or for games that make you laugh out loud. As always with emotions it is very subjective what triggers them, different persons feel afraid or laugh at different things.

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