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Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Fear is a hard feeling to capture and induce. Some people will wonder why someone would like to induce such “terrible” feelings as fear, horror and despair. Many games have tried but few have succeeded; I even wrote an article about the lack of real horror in most games of today, some of which actually say they are horror games but are far from living up to that statement. After writing that article I found out about Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but haven’t gotten time to play it until now. Read about the horrific experience!

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Rethinking the value of graphics


This is a hard point to put now-a-days, when games seemingly must have super HD graphics to be considered looking good, but I will try. In short I can put it as this: if you play an old game, for example Super Mario Bros. 3 or why not Tetris, for 20-30 minutes it is most likely that you will forget that the graphics are “bad” or not HD. The same actually happens if you play a new game with ultra-graphics; after playing for about 20-30 minutes you are most likely to have been so immersed in the game that you don’t actively care about the graphics anymore.

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