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The fear of difficulty

As I’ve been talking about earlier the difficulty level in games have gradually decreased over the last 10-15 years (for another article on this, read “Stop holding my hand, games!“). In most ways this has been a natural change, due to the “spreading” of games to a wider audience. When more and more people get into gaming they also bring different expectations and demand different things of the games. Better accessibility is one of these things, and I think difficulty belongs to the scope of accessibility.

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Too many rewards

Easy achievement

Is it just me or do players now-a-days get rewards and achievements just for playing a game, without actually achieving anything spectacular? I have never fully understood the need for the achievement feature on the Xbox 360. Mostly it feels as if I get achievements just for starting the game and completing a few of the initial tasks. The same goes for most other games, be it on 3DS, PC or any other platform.

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Stop holding my hand, games!

NetWhy do almost all games feel the need to hold the player’s hand so firmly!? If I want to run a long on my own in a game, I should be entitled to do so, not to be flung back onto the safe and harmless “road” by some invisible safety net. If I want to walk on the edge of the cliff in a game, mostly figuratively but sometimes literally, then let me feel a bit shaken and regretful if I fall down! When I am solving a puzzle, do not show me the right solution just by the click of a button. When I am fighting malevolent creatures that want to conquer the world, it should be up to me and my ability as a player, with the control in my hand, to find a way to fight them back.

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