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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

If you have read a few of my earlier posts, then you are probably aware that I always talk warmly about the Castlevania games. Even though, it was with mixed feelings and expectations that I started to play this recent entry in the long lived series. My doubts stem from the pretty big failure of Castlevania 64 on Nintendo 64, the only other 3D installment of Castlevania I have tried. That game was so bad, that I could only play like 10-15 minutes until I had to stop. The graphics were bad, the controls were worse and the gameworld and the feeling it gave were worst. But, after failures you are more likely to succeed, or? Let’s see how Castlevania: Lords of Shadow fares.

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Dark Souls, final conclusions

Best game, for a while…

For me Dark Souls was the best game in a looong time. It was hard as h**l, had cool graphics and a play style that I personally appreciate (stats, loot, dark fantasy monsters!). I was thinking back to really hard games from the early video game era of NES, C64 and such. Recently I had become soft, when talking about challenges in games, being incorporated that it is normal to re-appear a few meters away from where you died/crashed/lost. In comes Dark Souls and crushed my “soft-challenge” game life and I really liked it!

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Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Dark, gritty and unforgiving are three words that quite well describe the new game Dark Souls. Although, if you give the game a fair chance and just don’t quit after the first few shameful deaths you will be awarded.

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Please make me shiver, laugh or cry – part 1

Why is it so hard to find games that are funny, scary or emotional in the true meaning of the words? When talking about emotions and reactions evoked by games, there are some emotions that are triggered in exaggeration. Stress, anger, happiness and amazement are some of the more common feelings we experience as gamers, but when it comes to feeling real fear or horror the selection of games is scarcer. That scarcity is also a fact for games that make you feel really emotional or for games that make you laugh out loud. As always with emotions it is very subjective what triggers them, different persons feel afraid or laugh at different things.

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