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The fear of difficulty

As I’ve been talking about earlier the difficulty level in games have gradually decreased over the last 10-15 years (for another article on this, read “Stop holding my hand, games!“). In most ways this has been a natural change, due to the “spreading” of games to a wider audience. When more and more people get into gaming they also bring different expectations and demand different things of the games. Better accessibility is one of these things, and I think difficulty belongs to the scope of accessibility.

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New Most Wanted 2012

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

I usually don’t write about the most recent game news, since there are already gazillion sites copying each other in this sense, but when Baldur’s Gate and news is mentioned together I cannot hold it back. Today a site announced that an enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II will be made. This quickly soared up to the top of my most wanted list of 2012!

The new edition will feature “modern” updates and some new content. Typically I don’t support new releases of games, so the publishers can drain some more money from the consumers’ pockets, but if they add new content and modernize the game, I can support it (especially when it comes to one of the best games ever). More about HD / re-releases and other ways of selling the same game over and over again will be covered in a coming article here on Goto Unknown.

I was planning to re-play the original Baldur’s Gate (or the sequel) but I’ll think I have to wait for the new Enhanced edition instead!

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