Peter Molyneux is coming to town

09 May

Theme Park - cover

I saw a recent announcement that famed game designer and guru Peter Molyneux will appear at this year’s Game City festival in Nottingham. He will actually “direct” one of the days at the festival, showing of his past games, coming projects and some stuff that has inspired his game creativity.

I might not be the biggest fan of all his games, but some are really really good. Anyone remember Theme Park or Dungeon Keeper? Theme park was this wonderful game where you should design and maintain an amusement park, trying to attract visitors by building cool rides and other attractions. In Dungeon Keeper you “managed” evil creatures in underground dungeons and caves, trying to stop “heroes” from stealing and destroying your treasures and dungeons.

Dungeon Keeper

In Dungeon Keeper you, as the evil keeper, should try to construct the dungeon and fill it with obstacles, so it is easy to protect against the “heroes”

Peter Molyneux is also famous for claiming that his games are so much more than they actually manage to be; but his earlier works are great. I hope he brings along some old computers so we can try out his old goodies at the festival! Hmm, I wonder if Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper runs on a Windows Vista machine? I really feel the urge to play them now; especially Theme Park was such a nice experience, with the detailed control of the park with all its buildings, rides and such. Peter, please give us more of these nice, not-too-big-scale games!

Theme Park

Theme Park was wonderful, cute, challenging but also frustrating at parts. You have to keep all visitors happy, keep a high stock of ice cream and build funky rides. You don’t want the small kids getting lost or throwing up, do you?

Follow this link if you want to know more about Game City. I couldn’t attend so much last year, hoping for more this year; will at least try to listen to Mr. god-game (Peter Molyneux).


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