The magic is back, sort of…

25 Apr

Skyward Sword

After finishing roughly half of Zelda: Skyward Sword I have to make a few changes to my last “judgment” of the game (see my review). Even though the controls are still very frustrating at times, the game world has proven to be more alive than I first experienced.


In many Zelda games you can find instruments that have magical properties, like the ocarina in Ocarina of Time, the flute in The Adventure of Link or the baton in Wind Waker. Skyward Sword is no exception. In this game you find a magical Harp which can “summon” eye-stones, open walls and perhaps other things that I haven’t found out yet. Nevertheless, shortly after acquiring the harp I got quite annoyed, since the playing of the harp is done by “waving” the controller. The first time you play, this “waving” needed to be done in sync with a light pulse; and here is where I started to tear my hair again. The Wii remote plus’ sensitivity is not good enough to allow this kind of game elements to be enjoyable. It is mostly just annoying, unfortunately. If the response of the controller had been very good I can imagine that “playing” the harp could have been a bit magical itself, just like when you blew in the ocarina in Ocarina of Time.

Skyward Sword - Harp

This COULD be magical, but were mostly frustrating, unfortunately…


The first and second dungeon of the game didn’t have too many new ideas to show off. The first dungeon, Forest Temple and the second one, Earth Temple has themes that have been explored in most of the Zelda games, forest/plants and lava/fire respectively; but they had some very memorable passages in them though, such as the first boss, which in my perspective were much harder and “cooler” than the second and third bosses. When I came to the third dungeon, even before I entered it, I knew something magical were about to happen, and there I finally experienced some good ol’ Zelda challenges, designs and environments! With “good ol’” I mean something I haven’t experienced too much in any other game and I can’t find a solution to so quickly. The environments and some of the game elements used in the third dungeon, Lanayru Mining Facility, have very unique styles which were very fresh even in the Zelda games’ long history.

Skyward Sword - Third dungeon

In the third dungeon, Lanayru Mining Facility, a lot of cool stuff finally started to happen!

I have high hopes for the rest of the game; as long as I am not required to use the controller in a too precise way (see the Instrument section above). Yay, the magic is back!

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