Embarrassing controls

24 Mar

Shout at the 3DS

Can the actual playing of a game be embarrasing? Perhaps if you play a dance game and perform a really silly move, but that is usually cheered by onlookers anyway. What I have in mind and were experienced by myself on a train recently is of a more “blowing” nature.

Readers of Goto Unknown might have noticed my preference to Zelda games and how I often refer and compare to them when writing about other games. That said, there are still a couple of Zelda games that have eluded me and one of them is The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I recently got my hands on this game, planning to play it on a train journey.

Phantom Hourglass

Playing this cute little game can be quite embarrassing, depending on what you are required to do and where you are playing it...

Shouting on a quiet train

As I played along I quickly got to a point where the game hinted I had to shout or say something loud so the character in the game would wake up. Sitting on a reasonably quite train with a person next to me, it felt a bit embarrasing to have to shout at my 3DS. Fortunately I could evade the shouting by doing some other action; but that was nothing compared to the blowing!


Blow it!

After playing nicely in my train seat I reached a sign which (in a simplified way) read “blow out the candles to open the gate”. This required ACTUAL blowing into the 3DS’ microphone, nothing else helped. I tried jumping, hitting and other stuff on the candles, but they refused to go out. I had to blow at them… Since it felt quite embarrasing to have to blow into my gaming device, I turned to the train’s hideout, the toilet, and performed the blowing!

I have not played so many 3DS (or DS) games, but I know that at least Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training has an option where you can choose if you are in a place where you can speak or not. I will come back with a longer article around the pros and cons of all new kinds of inputs we are offered now-a-days, but for now I can only say: I wish that the Phantom Hourglass had an option “Are you in a place where you can blow and shout?”!

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