100 hours is enough, unfortunately

02 Feb

100 hours is more or less enoughI have now played more than 100 hours of Dark Souls and I am, surprisingly to me actually, beginning to feel a bit tired of the game. I have really liked playing it, as you might know from my previous posts. I even included it in my best of 2011, but since the last update the game has changed; read more about that here.

As most other gamers with a life outside the screen also, I have limited time to spend on actual playing, so in order to not slip too much behind my internal feeling is saying to me that it is time to finish Dark Souls and move on! I am still enjoying it, but not as much as before. I found it most rewarding in the beginning, when I was new to it and before all the unfortunate updates. Now it is either me who is too good playing it or the game has gone “soft” or easy; I also find some of the later areas a bit repetitive.

It is still one of the best games for a looong time though. Either way, time to finish it (I will finish it, since I have played it so far) and move on!

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