Stop holding my hand, games!

25 Jan

NetWhy do almost all games feel the need to hold the player’s hand so firmly!? If I want to run a long on my own in a game, I should be entitled to do so, not to be flung back onto the safe and harmless “road” by some invisible safety net. If I want to walk on the edge of the cliff in a game, mostly figuratively but sometimes literally, then let me feel a bit shaken and regretful if I fall down! When I am solving a puzzle, do not show me the right solution just by the click of a button. When I am fighting malevolent creatures that want to conquer the world, it should be up to me and my ability as a player, with the control in my hand, to find a way to fight them back.

A game that I have been happily playing a lot is Dark Souls, much due to its difficulty actually. Though following recent updates of the game (which were automatically installed if you connected your console to the Internet) something changed. The main changes in the updates, at least what seems most obvious to me, is that the game is easier somehow. Before the updates I remember dying much more often and having it more difficult to achieve different objectives in the game. So, why complain when something gets a bit easier? Because it was the anti-easiness that made this game unique! It is still a good role-playing game, but not reaching its former heights. I was quite surprised actually when I went around the Internet checking for information on these latest updates and read that most people in the forums and comments were in favor of this decrease in difficulty level of the game. Sure, if there were some bug that made you stuck or so, I could understand, but that is not part of the difficulty. As long as the enemies could be beaten or places be reached it didn’t had to be changed.

Dark Souls - You are supposed to be difficult

Dark Souls should be hard and unforgiving, that is (or should I say were) almost all that made it great and what made it really stand out from the crowd

When I played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on the 3DS recently I enjoyed it quite much, but I had forgotten the safe-ledge-grab that always happens when you are almost falling down in that game. It is a quite annoying feature which makes you grab the ledge when you (mostly) just want to plummet into the water/grass or whatever is beneath the ledge. Sure, if you run fast enough against the ledge Link will jump, but to feel full control sometimes I would like to just walk of a ledge or cliff and land beneath, without having to first hang from the ledge. Some of you may say that it is good that this function exist, especially when walking on ledges or narrow paths so you don’t fall so easily. Yes, that might be so, but wouldn’t it make us push harder to play the game even better if we knew that there were no safety-grabs if we make a mistake?

My hope is that at least some developer will dare to challenge the players again. Let us try to solve the task ten times, we will learn sooner or later. This is also a thing that can be taken into real life; if you really want something then you have to fight hard for it or try many times. If you developers want the games to be more like real life (to some extent) then please put back some difficulty in your games. Most players like a challenge from time to time!


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2 responses to “Stop holding my hand, games!

  1. gotounknown

    January 27, 2012 at 11:54 am

    I know that the Zelda part might not be fully about difficulty, but it is an annoying feature that is actually about “holding hands” at ledges/cliffs so I thought it fit in this discussion.

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    August 3, 2013 at 6:12 pm

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