Eaten by Dark Souls

12 Dec

Total absorption are two words that nicely describes my experience with Dark Souls. It is now a bit more than two months ago since I started playing Dark Souls. Back then I didn’t know what twisted world I would enter when I pressed that start button; although I had a few suspicions. And here I am, two months afterwards and still playing this highly repetitive game. Why!?

The main reasons are the challenges, the small rewards and the numbers. The game is very hard, but it is also very beautiful and it has a game-world that totally absorbs you. After you fail for the tenth time in a place, you start to figure out how to get a little further and that is enough to keep me going. The environments are dark, medieval magnificent castles mixed with twisted, dark, under-world like chasms and dungeons; all are places I like to visit in fantasy and in dreams. Dark Souls also displays every status, property and value in numbers, like levels, souls, hit points and so much more. This add an extra dimension for me, as I have always been a “number lover”.

I am certain I will see this game to the end, and I will die hundreds of times before doing so, but I will love it, because for each death I will come one step further and that small step is sometimes enough. “What lies behind that door? And that one? And that one?”

Dark Souls is very dark which makes the search for bonfires a natural, and high priority

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