Dark Souls, Journey and more from Eurogamer Expo 2011

28 Sep

The Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London had some highlights, although I missed the really amazing moments that you expect from a game expo. Here are some of the top games spotted:

Dark Souls

I died at my first encounter with an enemy, so there is no doubt that Dark Souls will be this year’s hardest game! Although it is very hard, if you don’t give up and instead learn the control techniques and how each different ghoul, skeleton and the other daemons move and fight you will at least have a small chance of survival. The area I played, a castle area, was very dark and spooky, exactly as it should be. A must play!

Dark Souls

Prepare to die…

Playing Dark Souls

Playing Dark Souls, and dying…

Zelda: Skyward Sword

There are always high expectations on the Zelda games and this one has a lot to live up to. Personally I liked the Twilight Princess, mostly due to its dark style and magnificent levels. When I tried the Dungeon area in the demo of Skyward Sword the impression factor wasn’t so big, unfortunately; but in the game’s defense I have to say that Zelda games always takes some time to get into, and they are not about graphics. These games are about the adventure and hopefully this will also be a great one.

Zelda Skyward Sword

Visually the game isn’t too impressive, but I am quite sure that the adventure will be great when you get into it

Playing Zelda

Me playing Zelda: Skyward Sword. The improved controller made it a little bit easier to control the game


I only tried this game for a few minutes, but it felt amazing. The game world is placed in a desert with ruins, pillars and dunes. When you move around the desert it sometimes feel as if the character is dancing, like in ballet, and sometimes flying over the sand. It felt tranquil and very relaxing to play it, even in an expo arena with thousands of people around me. The feeling and thoughts afterwards was of light, serenity and peace; in this sense this game stood out quite starkly compared to majority of the other games at the expo.


The whole feeling and atmosphere of Journey is of serenity and (inner) journeys

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

The visuals in this game is made from a special color pattern and it presents the world in different uses of these colors; sometimes few colors, sometimes the screen is filled with wonderful and painting-like scenes. The game world is mostly presented in 3D, with a nice and easy control scheme which makes movement and combat easy to grasp, but sometimes it, unexpectedly, jumps over to 2D platforming a’la Super Mario Bros.

El Shaddai

El Shaddai has a quite unique graphical presentation, making it a feast for the eye

El Shaddai 2D

The 2D parts was nicely drawn and animated, although the gameplay was a bit Super Mario Bros-ish


Remaking one of the highest praised turn based strategy games is a bold task, but Goldhawk Interactive might have something good coming up when trying to make a new game based on classic XCOM. What I saw at the Indie arcade was promising. You have the bases, the ground based missions and the airborne fights, with some nice updates. I am looking forward to this; but first I have to play some more XCOM I think…


The world map in Xenonauts (WIP)

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