Video game culture

22 Jul

Video games as a cultural phenomenon is a fascinating thing, and I have always tried to spread its ways to others than those who already play, trying to get people to see the real “cultural” value of games, comparing it to what they get from for example movies, music or literature.

You might think that talking about “unknown” games would not attract non-gamers, but I think the opposite. Most of the major releases of today are aimed at special groups; yes, there are some very popular party/sport/dance/mini-games, but I would like to open the door to the video game culture for the outsiders by showing of more artistic, diverse and not-sequel-15-of-the-same-series games.

On a side note of this, I found out that a whole magazine[!] about video game culture have been released in Sweden. This will be a nice addition to the only other game magazines I read, Edge (UK) and Level (Sweden). Yes, there is the Internet you would say, but I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to reading. Btw, the magazine is in Swedish only and it is called Fienden (“The Enemy”). If you have any tips on a good video game magazine, don’t hesitate to drop me line or a comment. I’ll let you know more about Fienden when I get my hands on it.

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