Specter Spelunker Shrinks

20 Jul

Specter Spelunker Shrinks
Ah, my first One-hour review and it didn’t even take one hour to finish this game! The reason is of course that this is not a full game; according to the developer it is just a prototype. I still feel inclined to review it though, since it is such a cool piece of game!

Over the years most games have managed to put themselves in any of a few predefined categories and one of the more overpopulated genres is certainly platform games, although the genre has been in decline since the start of the millennium. The majority of the games in this genre are quite similar visually and physically. Today’s game under review is a fresh shot of new ideas into this long lived genre.

So, what makes Specter Spelunker Shrinks stand out from other platform games? At first sight it might seem like a simple platformer from the mid-eighties, but as soon as you start playing you find yourself in more control of the player than almost any other platform game. Scalability is the word! You can shrink and grow with just the push of a button and this shrinking and growing plays the main role in this game. Although it is just that, a prototype, you suddenly get ideas of how this could be used in other games and even other genres which has come to a stand-still in new ideas (FPS anyone…?).

The control of the playable character is really great, even if you are just playing with the arrow keys and the Z-button. It almost reaches the heights of Mario and Sonic games when talking about how much you can control the character (sure, it is not remotely “real physics”, but that is not the goal in this kind of game).

The “piece of art”-talk and “out of this world”-feeling comes from the fact that you can control yourself (i.e., the character) to such an extent that you can shrink or grow almost without limits; to such extremes that even time will be affected. If you want to play something with a unique and artistic twist to the gameplay and environment you should definitely try this one! The only let down is that it is very short, but I am hoping for a longer game or some other project from Fall Damage Games where they use these cool features.

Boring facts

  • Platform(s): Web browsers & PC [version tested]
  • Developer: Fall Damage Games
  • Version: Prototype


  • New ideas
  • Piece of art
  • Superb control
  • Free


Specter Spelunker Shrinks - Screenshot 1

In this screens the game character is quite small...

Specter Spelunker Shrinks - Screenshot 2

... and here is the same position, when game character has grown, which suddenly gives another feeling to the surroundings


Check out a gameplay video on Vimeo, uploaded by the developer.

Specter Spelunker Shrinks from Ken Grafals on Vimeo.


Play online here

Or download it from here (find the download link a bit down on the page):


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2 responses to “Specter Spelunker Shrinks

  1. Ken Grafals

    July 27, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Hey, it’s Ken. The Specter guy. Thanks for the kind blog post. I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s especially good feedback to know that you liked the feel of the controls. Cheers!

    • gotounknown

      July 27, 2011 at 11:42 pm

      Hej Ken! Yes, sure, and not only the controls! I really liked how you stretch the mind of the player, making us do things we don’t usually do or think about in games, when changing the size of the character to overcome obstacles or even change time!

      I saw on your blog that you are working more on the prototype, that sounds very promising. This can be the most-wanted of the year!

      Cheers and good luck! /Anders


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